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The purpose of this website is to get all women, but particularly women of color, to embrace the reality that getting healthy can be fun—if we do it in community and in the presence of art. And men are welcome, too!

About the book:
Ada's Rules, the story of a black preacher's wife who has 100 pounds to lose and maybe a cheating husband provides 53 principles for a personal health and beauty revival. A funny novel about serious subjects, from diabetes and obesity to infidelity, it provides a road map that any reader can follow to create change in their own lives and in the world. And it may just be the secret weapon we need to help us all balance the national health budget. Readers will see Ada in themselves as she perseveres through the joys and pains that come with being a loving parent, daughter, wife, friend, and community member pushing for change. Join Ada's Army. Be one of the readers shifting the shape of the future one body at a time.

A few ground rules:
Ada’s Rules is a work of fiction. Neither this website nor the book Ada’s Rules are intended to provide specific nutritional or medical advice for any individual. Before making significant changes in diet, consult a qualified professional.

The novels, short films, music, poetry, essays, interviews, and photography provided on this site are intended to inspire, sustain, and entertain people pursuing healthy changes and to provoke conversations. They are not intended as specific instructions for any individual.

Ready to Adasize? Here’s a checklist:

  1. Read the rules! Hover over the numbers at the top of the Ada’s Army homepage, or read Ada’s Rules, the novel.
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  5. 8-8-8: Sleep eight hours each night. Drink eight glasses of water each day. Walk 8 miles each week. Three simple changes start Ada’s health and beauty revolution in the novel Ada’s Rules. Talk to your doctor about whether they make sense for you.
  6. Purchase Ada’s Rule’s now on Kindle. You can also request a book that has been gifted by an anonymous donor. All requests will be considered but availability is limited by the number of donors. Be an anonymous donor.